Hey there, here is a little info about our products in general. They are original designs that are created to make life a little more fun.

In some instances, designs will be used that are either based on the work or works of artists who are no longer living. This is done for a few reasons, like making their works available for all to enjoy on t-shirts to brighten up everyone’s day. Another reason is to help garner interest in their works by making them available. In some cases the art is digitally enhanced to create new Designs but with great inspiration and respect.

Our designs are placed through copywrite searches to ensure that they are not infringing on another person or entity’s property domain. That is why you do not see images like the Little Mermaid, or Cocacola for example on this site because they are owned by said corporations. Instead, designs are complete originals. Any designs you see that you feel are copied I am willing to remove but not just because you say so there has to be some sort of proof.

Lastly, If you have questions about the site or are interested in selling merchandise online feel free to reach out by the contact form on the contact page.

Also check out my art-inspired books on Amazon or my author site at PaulSamxon.com